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Nachimuthu Polytechnic College, Pollachi
Accredited by APACC
(Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission)
Philippines with Gold Level
Department News
  Refrigeration & Air conditioning  
Department Mission:
The Department has been constantly updating its infrastructure facility and curriculum,keeping in pace with the industrial needs.
Mechanics of  Materials
Manufacturing Processes
Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power
Machine Drawing
Mechanics of Materials and Fluid
Mechanics Lab
Workshop - I (Foundry, Welding  and Smithy)
Applied Thermo Dynamics
Machine Shop Technology
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Thermodynamics Lab
Electrical & Electronics
Engineering Lab
Workshop - II (Lathe & Metrology)
Refrigeration (T&L)
Air - Contioning (T&L)
Industrial Engineering and
Auto CAD Lab
Project Work, Entrepreneurship and Personal Skills
R & A/C Machines
R & A/C Applications
R & A/C Machines Lab
R & A/C Applications Lab
R & A/C Estimation and Design
Cryogenic Engineering
R & A/C Estimation and Design Lab
Cryogenic Engineering Lab
Refrigeration Lab
Air conditioning Lab
Refrigeration and Air conditioning Machines Lab
Blue Star Ltd, Chennai and Bangalore.
Voltas Ltd, Chennai.
Carrier, Bangalore.
ETA Ascon.
Supreme Suguna, Bangalore.
Baseline Technologists, Coimbatore.
Adit Associates, Coimbatore.
Rohini Coil Industries, Coimbatore.
Sakthi Auto Components.
Orchid Pharmaceuticals, Chennai.
Fmax systems, Coimbatore.
ABT info.net, Pollach
ABT diary division, Pollachi.
Amrut White field, Pollachi.
Air con Refrigeration, Coimbatore
Supreme Suguna, Udumalpet.
Orien Air Conditioners, Tirupur.
Key Zen Equipments, Coimbatore.
KG Cinema Theater, Coimbatore.
Southern Railway, Coimbatore
Project Outstanding : During the final semester of the Programme, students take up design and fabrication projects as part of the curriculum requirement and most of them credit outstanding status.Following are the listed few.

1. HNC water system (HNC: Hot Cold and Normal). This project won state award for the best innovative project.
2. Refrigerator Test rig.
3. Bottle cooler Test rig.
4. Vortex Tube.
5. Refrigerator with air curtains.
6. Car air conditioner test rig.
7. Year around air-conditioner test rig.
8. Refrigeration plant with multiple expansion valves.
9. Refrigerant recovery system.
10. Cooling tower.
11. Heat pump drier.
12. Deep freezer.
Awards to Dept. :
The department received a memento from the management on 
the occasion of launching of ABT info.net internet Data Center 
for rendering consultancy, installation, and commissioning of the 
air conditioning systems for the Data Center
Modrobs :
 1. Training cum service in Lithium Bromide Vapour Absorption 
Air conditioning Systems. Amount Sanctioned - Rs. 12 Lakhs
2. Computerized Refrigeration Cycle Test Rig - Amount Sanctioned - 
Rs. 5 Lakhs
World Bank : Purchased Window type air conditioner test rig under the 
World Bank Project.
Notable Achievements of the Dept
The Equipment repair Center functioning in the Department is engaged in service and maintenance of all refrigerators, Air conditioners, and water coolers installed in the campus. This service is provided to outside commercial and domestic users as well
Three months duration refrigeration and Air conditioning technician training course is offered to poor village boys under the Sakthi PURA (Providing Urban amenities to Rural Area) scheme.
The department was imparting six months duration technician training for the students selected under the central Government funded Community Polytechnic Scheme
Rendered consultancy and air conditioners installation services for the Internet Data Center established in the Campus.